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As a result of our conversation, we will extend you an offer from our side or on behalf of our partner investors – an offer for simple cash purchase or other type of transactions that will be in line with your plans and desired outcomes.

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Embrace your “WHY”: true reasons to sell

Every situation is different. Every solution is different.  The key is to analyze your situation thoroughly and to embrace your why.  Ask yourself “Why?” at least 5 times (an iterative interrogative technique used to explore the cause-and-effect relationships and find solutions):

– why have you appeared in this situation when your real estate seems a burden rather than a – valuable asset;
– why would you want to solve / get out of this situation;
– why do you need to solve it now than later;
– why is selling the best choice for you;
– why don’t you consider other options.

Embrace your “why” and then only design and choose your individual route of next steps. If you are lost, contact us.

  • Delayed mortgage payments
  • Upcoming Foreclosure
  • Bankruptcy
  • Short sale
  • Divorce or separation
  • Relocation
  • Inherited property – no money to maintain it

– No money and/or desire to initiate major repairs (including outdated renovation, mold, foundation problems, water damage, termite damage) 

– Downsizing time

– Probate

– Tired of current investments – ready to liquidate quickly

– Loss of beloved and emotional detachment from the property

– Sorrow and discomfort connected with a property

– Emotional unease and desire to start life all over!

Each of the above mentioned reasons may lead to a different solution depending on the urgency and your current emotional and financial capacities. We are not pushing the standard “GET A FAIR OFFER” expression. We are not underestimating agents and praising cash offers only!

Some of our solutions include but are not limited to the following:

1. Initial counsel and empowering session
2. Simple cash purchases – no commissions, no repair & showing hassles, no closing costs – all on us!
3. Lease options
A lease option is a technique which involves gaining ‘control’ of a property, but not owning it. It is the right to possess a property now and purchase that property at some future date with terms you define when you buy it.

4. Subject to deals
A “Subject To” is getting the deed to a property without getting a mortgage for the home. Instead, the seller signs over the deed to his home ‘subject to’ the existing mortgage. The buyer in this case makes the mortgage payments on the old loan, but does not need to get a mortgage themselves to acquire this home.
5. Connecting with other investors
6. Connecting with knowledgeable and quick agents
7. Turning the seller into an investor
8. Full-cycle project management of a rehab (fix & flip) project for investors

Just the way your reasons and “why”s  may greatly vary, the same way your best or most optimal choice may be greatly vary depending on your “why”.

Make Educated Choices - Compare & Act

There is no black and white. Any direction could be the best for your specific situation. Compare, be aware and act.

Know your “why”s and “how”s, know whom you are dealing with and choose your direction. Contact us and we will help you do it all!