A: There are certain situations where we can pay full market value or even more if you’re willing to seller finance it or discuss other terms. It all depends on your specific situation. Remember, that we are here to support you, so even if we are not able to give you an offer that sounds fair to you, we will do our best to connect you with our network of agents and other real estate players who have a better leverage to support you.

For us as investors, the terms of the purchase have to be interesting and fair as well, e.i. we need to buy it at low enough price to be able to resell it at a profit to another home owner. If you don’t have equity in the property, don’t worry, we can still help you! Just contact us!

A:  We do not require any fees, commissions, fixing up, or anything! We extend our consulting regarding your specific situation free of charge, we give your NET offers, e.i. whatever you see in the offer, is exactly the amount that you will be getting. We will take care of the rest.

A: We look at your specific situation and circumstances, at the location, property condition and market conditions. From there we discuss several scenarios which could be useful for you, we give you an offer that works for us and works for you too. We sometimes give multiple offers based on several scenarios. We can usually come up with a solution for almost any situation.

A:  Real estate agents list a property and take a commission as a fee for their services. We’re real estate buyers. That’s why there are no commissions or fees. Saying this, we also want to emphasize again and again, that each specific situation has its own best solution, so just contact us and tell us about your story and situation: we will extend you an offer and/or connect you with real estate professionals in our efforts to support you at our best capacity.

A: Absolutely none!  There are no obligations to accept an offer once you submit your information.

A:   There are a number of ways. The first one would be to get a few offers from our company and determine if the offer fits your needs. Another possibility would be to sell with a Realtor, but you might have to wait longer. We can refer you to our partner agents as well.

A:  We are not agents, we are not lawyers, we are not accountants and we are not certified real estate consultants! BUT WE ARE INVESTORS WHO CARE AND RESPECT PEOPLE TALKING TO US! WE ARE INVESTORS THAT BELIEVE THAT ANY TRANSACTION DONE BY US OR OUR PARTNERS HAS TO BE a WIN-WIN TRANSACTION! Therefore, before even approaching the core activity of our business (which is buying, fixing, selling and/or renting houses), we want to make sure that we have applied the best of our efforts to understand you, e.i. a person who is in need of real estate solution (either as a buyer or a seller). We will inform you of all possible solutions that we are aware of, we will connect you with people who will be useful for your specific situation. HOWEVER, we are not certified real estate consultants, the information shared by us should merely be treated and used for information purposes and is not intended to be a substitute for professional legal, accounting and real estate advice.