We don’t hide, we don’t exaggerate, we don’t make things to seem artificially complex. We build trust and partnership through transparency and accountability.

Contact us now:
– If you are looking for a good deal and having a hard time finding properties;
360º property hunt (direct communication with sellers, wholesalers, agents and professionals dealing with potential sellers, analysis of properties based on the market and macroeconomic data, presentation of the analyzed deals to our partners)

– if you are ready to do real estate investments but don’t have time to do it;
Full-cycle project management of residential real estate projects for individual investors (anything from finding properties to structuring the deals, choosing and managing contractors and the rehab projects to finding agents and property management companies)

– if you are a home-buyer dreaming of having a dream house of your own design.
360º property hunt + full-cycle design & rehab project management (property hunt for discounted properties in need of renovation in preferred neighborhoods, design and rehab with your full engagement as a wish-maker and final decision-maker, and us being an loyal, transparent and accountable executor)

– if you are looking for partnerships (any partnership in any role – contractor, agent, lender, early bird dogs, etc.).
Partnership network expansion (market research and rigid selection of partners in any functional area of real estate, access to our network and discussion of different formats of cooperation, establishment cross-reporting practices for full transparency and accountability among all partners involved in a project)

Be part of a bigger network and access deals that will boost your business!

Partnership Benefits

– Long-term relations & support: a value-driven partner looking forward to build relations and trust

– Solid execution: a partner with extensive experience in project management

– Stronger team and network: a resourceful partner

– Full control & comfort: a transparent and accountable partner

Find & Evaluate Properties

We dedicate monthly marketing efforts and resources in finding our own properties, the so-called “off-market” properties, as well as we have a trusted network of partners (agents, private investors-wholesalers, lenders and auction houses) who send us properties for different forms of investments. We carefully review and analyze all opportunities and share our data with our partners if we find it to be a profitable deal which we would love to do ourselves as well. All deals will come with detailed analysis, including a breakdown of rehab costs and relevant market analysis. Based on our analysis, we will be glad to design deals jointly or independently and create win-win solutions for any opportunity that creates justified return on investment (ROI).

Partnership For Sustained Success

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” – Henry Ford

Partnership is the key of our business. We believe that greater things can be done if we unite like-minded people.  Let’s connect and fulfill greater deals together!