We are not only real estate investors who give fair offer for your property, buy it “as-is”, pay cash, close quickly without any agent fees and extra costs.  We are first of all open, honest and supportive human beings.  We have had lots of ups and downs ourselves.  We know there is ALWAYS a solution and often that solution comes with someone’s support!

We do not only buy houses…. We do not only structure various real estate deals…
We also and MOSTLY support and connect people:

  • who own a property that seems to have become a burden,
  • who have liquid resources to invest in such properties and by doing so – give timely support to others, as well as develop their business,
  • who are looking forward to moving to another page or chapter in their lives quickly and confidently,
  • who are in need of a partner that doesn’t take advantage of them, shows available solutions and helps to implement those.

Why Rectrix?

Rectrices are the steering feathers of birds, that help them set the direction of their flight. We chose this name for our initiative as we believe in the power of bird-eye view – the power of seeing all possible directions from above and setting up for our next trip with confidence and purpose and will to win.

We are here to help you take a bird-eye view on some major challenges of your life, to see the landscape surrounding your life at this particular moment, to be aware and assess of possible directions that you could take to overcome the challenge, to start your next flight with confidence and will to win!

Our Team

Rectrix Investments is a family business founded by Rebecca Hakobyan and Amit Gupta. We are based in DMV area, but we also have partners in other states, such as NV, CA,  and TX. We have 15+ years of extensive experience working in fast-paced corporate companies. We have held managerial positions leading different teams, medium- and large-scale projects with the involvement cross-functional teams and multiple 3-rd party vendors all over the world.

In 2019 when we decided to change the course of our lives and to focus on our own business initiatives, we knew that we have to find a business where one of the focal points of our system would be supporting people, giving them another chance to move forward with confidence, building long-lasting relations and partnerships based on high level of integrity. And that is exactly the reason why we considered dedicating our time to real estate investments.

Real estate is a serious matter with serious capital investments and emotional attachments. No matter who we deal with – a homeowner who has appeared in a difficult situation, an investor who wants to build a business, a lender who is ready to finance interesting real estate deals, an agent who needs to find new prospects – all of these people need support and advice, transparency and analysis to be able to make decision confidently and to execute them intelligently.


Courage to look into anyone’s eyes with pride and confidence

Our values are the core of our business and the axis of justified existence as human beings. We DO NOT compromise on our values and that is why we are able to face any situation, to talk to anyone without pride and confidence.

From the very beginning of our communication with the local players in real estate investments niche, we found out that not everyone wants to be honest, open and is willing to share information that would help one make well-analyzed and calculated decisions. We found out that people create artificial sense of urgency for you to make quick, unaware and purely emotional decisions. That’s when we understood that our commitment to open, equal opportunity and accountable working ethics could be exactly what many sellers and investors are looking for.

Planning and analysis leading to educated decisions, experience leading to their timely execution

With 30+ years of collective corporate experience in highly dynamic and competitive industries, out of which 15+ years in senior management roles in  construction, marketing and other cross-functional areas, we are confident to deliver the quality of well-analyzed and planned and timely executed projects.

With the complexity of the issues we faced at senior management roles, we have the gained the flexibility and agility to be able to structure deals that would benefit all players in any real-estate related situation.

Ability to connect, motivate and unite people for a better cause

We know how to connect people who think differently, talk different languages, and often have conflicting interests.  We enjoy bringing them all to the same ground, uniting them through common goals and creating win-win environment…

We don’t hide, we don’t exaggerate, we don’t make things to seem artificially complex. We build trust and partnership through integrity, transparency and accountability.

DISCLAIMER: Rectrix Investments is purely a real estate investments business. We are not agents, we are not lawyers, we are not accountants and we are not certified real estate consultants! WE ARE INVESTORS WHO CARE AND RESPECT PEOPLE TALKING TO US! WE ARE INVESTORS THAT BELIEVE THAT ANY TRANSACTION DONE BY US and/or OUR PARTNERS and/or FOR OUR PARTNERS OUGHT TO BE a WIN-WIN TRANSACTION! Therefore, before even approaching the core activity of our business (which is buying, fixing, selling and/or renting houses), we want to make sure that we have applied the best of our efforts to understand you, e.i. a person who is in need of real estate solution (either as a buyer or a seller). We will inform you of all possible solutions that we are aware of, we will connect you with people who will be useful for your specific situation. HOWEVER, we are not certified real estate consultants, the information shared by us should merely be treated and used for information purposes and is not intended to be a substitute for professional legal, accounting and real estate advice.

We listen & support

Real estate is not just a piece of land or building… It’s not just a property… Real estate is all about our emotions – feeling accomplished and bold for making probably one of the biggest investments of our lives… full of confidence and hope for an even better future… disappointed… lost… happy or bitter depending on the memories tied to the property…


We respect your emotions! We will listen to you and your story and give a wider perspective for you to be able to understand your choices, to analyze them and make a decision that will comfort your feelings and emotions.  Once you are confident about your decision we will be there to become one of your possible partners in your real estate deal.

We are here to support you and we are here to PARTNER with you!

Our Values and Principles

Absolute Integrity

No matter how many people are involved in a potential and existent deal, no matter what’s the role of these people or entities associated with these people, from the moment we start communicating with each other we are all a team and our purpose is to make everyone confident and content. As your point of contact, we invest all our energy and professional expertise to ensure that all parties involved in any project are committed, transparent, accountable and care for each other!


Transparency is possible only when each team member recognizes the importance of reporting to others and thus holding her/himself accountable for her/his own actions.  We ensure transparency and accountability through establishment of consistent and standardized reporting, which enables all team members receive exhaustive information covering all aspects of the project, compare and analyze the updated information on regular basis, raise issues and discuss them any time and make timely decisions.


Through transparent and systematic disclosure of all available information and its analysis we can always be confident that we are on top of any situation and we can make most optimal decisions leading to win-to-win outcomes.

Support for better future

We have seen parts of the world where people struggle for everyday food and clothing, where people fight for their land, where any type of support is key for people to regain their hope and continue fighting for a better future. Having seen all of these, we do believe that supporting people in critical situations is one of the most noble and rewarding experiences of all!

That is exactly why we are committed to dedicate our time to finding and listening to people for whom their real estate ownership has created some burden or pain. Things happen: unpaid mortgage, liens, sudden divorce, unexpected or complicated inherited property, just a simple desire to get rid of the house quickly…. We are here to hear your story, tell about available options and make the best of our network and expertise and resources to help you out.

As a result of our support, we may also suggest investing into your property or involve other investors who will be ready to do so.

Power of Aware & Analyzed Choices

Hope is for people who do not possess enough information, knowledge and skills to be able to move forward with confidence.  While we don’t have anything against hope and optimism in general, we favor the words “learn, analyze, plan and EXPECT”.

We understand that sometimes there are lots of emotions involved with a property. BUT the key to success for ANY party involved in any real estate deal is to put aside impulses and emotions and make aware and analyzed decisions.

We are here to help you and each other reveal, explore and analyze information, make decisions based on analysis and planning and form EXPECTATIONS rather than hopes. This will help all of us move confidently toward the accomplishment of our real estate projects.

Myths and Truths About Us – Real Estate Investors (REI)

Many, especially real estate agents and some property sellers, believe that real estate investors are highly not reliable as they look for easy money and they don’t take this seriously and responsibly enough. They might fail finding funds, they might just aim to act as an intermediary hoping to sell the property other investors (and get out if they don’t find any finances). Lender also beware of REI, as situations when REI run out of funds to finish their rehab projects, are not rare either.

MYTHS: As in every business there are only few who truly succeed, a few that do well (but could do even better) and many that fail. So one should have a certain criteria when dealing choosing Real Estate Investor partners. If you choose the ones that have a great potential to become a good investor or have already had a proven track record, you will do a good business too.

TRUTHS: There is a great plethora of  “REI recruitment initiatives” by already established investors – another business by itself, as there are fees for those courses/initiatives/recruiters.  As  many of those initiatives preach that doing real estate investments is easy, that you don’t need any education to do this, that you’d become well off just by doing this, they are able to recruit many “want-to-be” investors.  This is a business with a low-entry barrier but with a high turnover rate, because this business does like calculations, it does like people management and relationship management, it does like project management skills. It’s true that one wouldn’t need a formal education if one had all these abilities innate. However, let’s agree, that these are rather skills that one often acquires at schools or work. Again, choose your REI partners carefully, apply selection criteria.

MYTHS: Not really… There are factors that make real estate investments business much more humane and lovable than it might seem at the first sight.  The entire ideology behind REI is creating win-to-win situation, value-added for every single participant in the supply chain of this business – sellers, lenders, brokers, agents, appraisers, contractors, investors themselves, buyers, communities.

Because of its low entry barrier, this business is open to all, it gives hope for a new opportunity! …. an opportunity to any ordinary citizen who is ready to work hard and consistently, to earn well and build family wealth.  Investors change communities to better! Many former high-crime communities have become nicer and have been able to attract newer generation of residents because of REIs multiple individual investments and rehabs.

The ecosystem for small and medium scale RE Investments is for people by people – literally.  You will very few institutional giants, all players are individual or small group of individual aiming to find their role in the supply chain and making money by helping others make money.

TRUTHS: It’s business at the end of the day. So yes, if needed, we need to make tough decisions and exits.

Many of “REI recruitment initiatives” preach that you can do business in minutes, just by using some softs to find properties and making phone calls, just by sending out postcards or doing other traditional marketing tricks.

MYTHS: Things seem nice and easy only when you are not part of the successful business. Once you are responsible for it, then only you get to face the challenges and see the real life behind the scenes. No software will help you do business, if you are not ready to work consistently. To create a team and/or a system that would actually work for you is the most important part of this business and guess what – it DOES TAKE TIME and HARD WORK.  Depending on your goals in terms of profit, you should define for yourself how many hours per day or week you want to invest in the business.  Whatever you choose it has to be consistent – business doesn’t like sporadic approaches.

TRUTHS: Once you have your system and team in place (people who partner with you in different stages of your business or even people working for your full-time), then it will take you less time to do more deals. However, remember, it’s all about people and project management and things happen when managing situations and people. So be ready to hop in any time and be top of your investment projects.